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We are VidaLatam

Developers of the best travel experiences in Latin  America for the most demanding travelers of our trade
Touches life
Treasure memories
Enjoy the autochthonous
Listen to nature
Breathes unforgettable smells
Online booking experienced and certificated travel
Selected operators and local guides, we verify insurance and ratings, we guarantee in our trips experiences of all the senses and desogn the most efficient circuits and connections in that way your client's trip will be an unrivaled experience. 
Our team 

C.E.O. : Bebe Badino

C.O.O Operational manager : Carolina Barnetche:

Product manager : Guadalupe Guarrochena:

Operational manager : Rocio Cantó:

Customer services: Florencia Poggi:

European representative: Juan Pablo Rossi

Representante Brasil: Tatiana Dos Santos 

Marketing:  Madzen

Administración: Cecilia Dedyn