Amazon, Colombia: The world's lung that we must enjoy

From the window of the plane, just minutes from landing in Leticia, we see how a carpet of tight trees stretches, staining a huge brown river as it winds its way through the jungle, which is the longest in the world with 6,800 kilometers. This is the panoramic before reaching the Amazon, Colombia, a destination that houses 212 species of mammals and 195 of reptiles.

The Colombian Amazon is an incredible place for tourists who seek extreme contact with nature and are looking to know some of the most representative cultures of the country.

Like giant veins, this region crosses majestic rivers that facilitate commercial transactions and travel to unique places in the middle of the jungle. Separate populations, reserves, parks and natural reserves: you can find all this in the Amazon, Colombia.

Indigenous groups grant this territory an incomparable ethnic multiplicity. Knowing their rituals, culture and beliefs, interacting with community leaders and understanding their relationship with nature is a unique experience that evokes the authentic charm of the Amazon.

This wonderful habitat hosts as many species of fauna and flora as any other ecosystem in the world, and is a surprising place not only for the cultural diversity of its indigenous people, but for the life that originates and feeds from the many shores of the Amazon River, the largest, widest and deepest in the world.


¿ What to do in the Amazon? Unique experiences.

The nature of the Amazon organizes a show every day, so that those who visit it can see pink dolphins in the river. At this point where Colombia, Peru and Brazil meet, indigenous cultures such as Ticunas, Huitotos and Yucunas share the jungle, as well as animals such as anteaters, cougars and deer, and medicinal plants that are part of ancestral traditions and giant trees, including mahogany and cedars.

With a total of 28 reservations, the cultural traditions of the indigenous peoples present in the department have been maintained to honor the history and charm of this ecological paradise, the Amazon.

More than 674 incredible species can be observed through the bird watching experience. Each of these animals decorates the sky with its colors, and ambiences the jungle with its beautiful songs that seem to want to tell us something very special.

The capital of the Colombian Amazon is Leticia, a hospitable and comfortable city, which is also an active center of commerce and is surrounded by roads that lead to the dense forest and secluded places where it is possible to practice ecological and adventure tourism, such as climbing trees, hiking in the jungle, canopy, navigating the Amazon River, observing fauna and flora or departing on a fluvial journey to remote and forbidden places in the heart of the jungle; while we enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Amazon.

Finally, let's not forget to enjoy the typical dishes of the region, such as Mojojoy, Fariña and freshwater fish. These exotic preparations are a part of the Amazon that we cannot miss.