Bike tours - Discovering life on the road

Cycling or "bike tour" is the way to travel, meet and experience new places using the bicycle as a means of transport. In this economic way and at a slower pace, this activity allows us to get in touch with people, their way of life, observe the landscapes, smells, tastes and customs of different places. Live experiences that we could hardly find traveling with other vehicles.

It allows us to make more economical trips of different durations respecting the environment, becoming an alternative focus of a markedly traditional type of tourism, based on guided tours and places of historical and artistic interest.

Many people consider cyclotourism, more than a sport, a style or philosophy of life.

The portability of the bicycle, its low environmental impact, the freedom and the autonomy it allows make the two wheels the most suitable means to know places inaccessible in another way.

There are many possibilities to travel with our bicycles, depending on our economy, time available and physical condition. These are the different kinds of trips we can make:

  • Planned trips: they are an option to start on bicycle trips since food and lodging are organized by tourism agencies. Throughout the road we are guided by a professional cyclist and accompanied by a support car for possible mechanical or health problems. We just have to take our bicycle and enjoy the great landscapes, without worries about lodging, meals, repairing the punctures, of all those questions the company is in charge. Vivee Experiences has different bike tours perfect to know the wonders that Latin America presents us.

  • Lightweight saddlebags trips: it is loaded with little luggage in the saddlebags: we will only take clothes and one or another snack for the journey, but not much more. The idea is that both the lodging, the meals or the maintenance of the bicycle, we will get it directly in the towns or cities that we are going through in the trip.

  • Self-sufficient trips: the cyclist must carry in his saddlebags all the necessary material to survive along the whole journey, so this will give us a greater weight due to camping equipment, clothing, food, kitchen elements, hygiene implements, spare parts, electronics equipment and everything necessary to complete a planned journey.

In Vivee we have as a priority to provide our clients with unique experiential trips, with quality service, security, but above all, take care of the environment in which the itinerary takes place. It should be noted that we will have bicycles and top quality equipment of the most recognized brands.

With our Bike Tours we will enjoy a unique, different, special and, of course, unforgettable vacation.