Fernando de Noronha


Scheduling a trip to Fernando de Noronha, can mean for many, the completition. It is 545 km away from the Pernambuco coast, where there is a population of only 3,500 inhabitants and tourism is developed in a sustainable manner, creating the opportunity for a balanced encounter between man and nature in one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the world.

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Rotating dolphins and huge sea turtles chose as habitat the waters of the archipelago considered the most beautiful in Brazil. With 21 islands and islets, the archipelago is formed by the top of the mountains of a mountain range of volcanic origin, with its base located about 4 thousand meters deep. To visit Fernando de Noronha requires at least 5 days, to enjoy the innumerable natural attractions and experience a bit of the history of our colonization. Beaches with crystal clear waters, cliffs, coves and bays. Snouts, rocks, caves, waterfalls, viewpoints, corals, special areas for diving and trails. Lodging of strange and unique species, area of ​​rigorous environmental preservation, zero frame of global contamination. All that is Fernando de Noronha.

There are 21 islands distributed in 26 square kilometers. Not enough with that, we find even more: historical monuments, gastronomy based on the fruits of the sea, handicrafts and works of local artists, stories and beliefs of the natives. Considered a World Natural Heritage by Unesco, Fernando de Noronha challenges our dictionary to find words capable of describing all its beauty.

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If what we want is to dive, the best time to visit Fernando de Noronha is the period from April to October, since it has the best conditions for practice and the waters are calmer. For you to enjoy surfing, summer is more indicated, because it is when the waves gain more strength due to the winds.

In Fernando de Noronha, the average temperature is 28º C in the earth and 26º C in the sea, taking into account only two seasons: one dry (from September to March) and another rainy (from April to August). Sporadic, interspersed by intense sun.

This magical island has everything to do, mainly with the benefits of natural beauties, for all types of travelers. Next, we mention some of the most beloved attractions for those who visit that piece of paradise:

Baía do Sancho

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Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Sancho is undoubtedly a must see in Fernando de Noronha. It is located in the middle of a huge wall of stones and to get there, it is through the sea or by a staircase created in the middle of a crack in the stone. Access is not really the simplest, but the beach is delicious and makes up for the descent!


Baía dos Porcos

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Little giant, that's the beautiful Baía dos Porcos. A beach formed in the middle of the stone wall, surrounded by green and natural pools accessible at low tide. The place has greenish waters that are usually visited by turtles and a beautiful visibility for the Morro dois Irmãos.

Baía do Sueste


Excellent for snorkeling, the Sueste is one of the most sought after beaches in Noronha. It has good structure, whose access is monitored and generally has few waves. The best thing about the Sueste is that it is possible to observe turtles, sharks and other fish of different species that commonly frequent the place to feed themselves.


Vila dos Remédios 


This is the center of the island, where there are restaurants, cafes, shops and a charming church. It is a place that should eventually be known in the walks and should go if you want to enjoy the nightlife. It is in the Villa de los Remedios where is the Forte XX, which has a beautiful sunset.


Mirante do Boldró 


Installed where the remains of Fort San Pedro del Boldró remain, the Mirador is another point on the island that many people like to go at sunset time. The view from above is wonderful and is even better when the sky is colored at nightfall.