Freedom in the snow, Ski

Ski is one of the most beautiful sports in terms of aesthetics and is practiced in scenarios that have no compared, snow-capped mountains that make us live unparalleled experiences in extreme climatic conditions. This makes today one of the sports that is taking the most boom, in any of its modalities.

Practicing skiing you get an undoubted development of our physical condition, we know new landscapes and environments, in which we had never unwrapped or infrequently, making us perceive the sport in another way, what matters is to relax and feel freedom.

This has its origin in that the mountain has always fascinated the man, in its heights seem to be the deepest answers of the human being. Some mountains are so remote and inaccessible that the most reckless athletes have made them the great challenge of their lives.

And of course, it feels like we've visited the sky. Besides the inexplicable and full sensation of speed, mobility and freedom will be total and, therefore, it can be said that there are few sports as pleasant as this.

The cold can also be our ally when it comes to being fit. Lower the temperatures and it's time to get some skis and enjoy. With small precautions, we will be the kings of the slopes!

Vivee experiences recommends us the best to live the best experience.


- A pair of skis (or ski boards) with their correct fixings.

- Ski boots suitable to the type of ski, or discipline and which must be adjusted to the fixations of the skis to be used in the descent.

- The helmet is important because it is an extreme sport that implies risks.

- Two poles, which serve to have a good perception of the terrain, which allows us to position ourselves correctly. The poles give balance and rhythm in addition to being very useful for driving and other auxiliary uses.

- Warm clothes.

- Protections

As for the types of skis we will find in the market are suitable for each type of activity that we want to practice. We have as modalities:

- Alpine or downhill skiing: in the competitions the aim is to make the descent in the shortest possible time, following a winding path marked by special beacons called doors. But speaking of the team, now makes sense of the distinction we've made before, because it will depend on whether to ski on or off pistes.

- Nordic Cross country skiing: In this modality, the heel of the boot is not fixed to the base of the skis, as is the case with alpine skiing. Nordic skiing includes modalities such as cross-country skiing, ski jump, nordic combined, biathlon and Telemark.

- Ski touring: Which is a type of ski that rests on the human force rather than on drags and other mechanisms. It is a mixture of alpine and Nordic skiing, where the key is that the skier's heel is free to be able to walk and climb the hills. There are different subdisciplines in the ski touring: mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, Telemark, Nordic backcountry, alpine tourism.

- Acrobatic cross country skiing: It is a sporty ski test, in which skiers, more than their speed, have to test their snow skills