Jericoacoara: paradise is here

Jericoacoara, simply called Jeri by the most intimate, is the perfect place for moments of leisure and recharge the energies. There, the vibration is another and the perception of time as well. Sky, sun, sea, beaches, dunes and freshwater ponds make up a scenery of beautiful natural landscapes that integrate in perfect harmony, making Jeri a magical place.

Jericoacoara is a place to part of the modern world, rushed by screaming sirens, manic deadlines, endless traffic jams. A place where the streets are paved with sand, where the beaches extend as far as the eye can see and where the warm water marries the breeze from the leaves of the coconut trees. Until about 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was still an isolated and simple fishing village. There were No roads, no electricity, no telephones, no TV, no newspapers and no money was rarely used.

Located in the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, the beach is part of a fishing village and stayed for many and many years away from the looks of most of the general public. And its unparalleled natural beauty is protected by the National Park of the same name, which reassures anyone who has not yet visited, but intends to soon: despite the high flow of tourists nowadays, the site must still follow paradisiacal for a long time for the Next generations.

In 1984, the  "Washington Post Magazine " named Jericoacoara as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Since then, the small fishing village has been growing slowly. However, thanks to construction limitations, you will not find massive buildings or hotels.

See here some tips on this Brazilian Paradise:

When to go to Jericoacoara?

The tip is to visit Jericoacoara in the months of low season, the place is amazing and the scenery changes every quarter, although the sun will shine all year round, allowing you to visit at any time. Those seeking less Agito, should avoid the summer, period in which the beach receives more tourists.

The temperature is high all year long, with strong winds and rainy seasons from March to May.

The Village of Jeri

 In Jericoacoara It is still possible to find good restaurants to delight in the cuisine of Ceará and the typical dishes made of seafood. For those who prefer to drink to eat, there are very lively bars and kiosks, with cold beer and music playing even after nightfall. In The main street, are the caipirinha stalls that appear to supply the tourists.

It is Still possible to find some Fords and Sambas for those who like to dance, or live music to just sit and rest of the day on the beach. But because it is a coastal destination and with all the main attractions being daytime, the usual is to sleep early and wake up shortly after the sun to enjoy the most of the day later.

Dunes and sunset

A hint could not be missed: close to the center of Jeri is the enormous Dune of sunset, the ideal place to shut the day and observe the dusk disappearing into the sea – in addition to the incredible variation of colors of the sky during the process. And while the Astro-King is disappearing, just relax and get ready for more shade and fresh water the next morning. After all, this is what Jericoacoara is all about

Blue Lagoon and Paradise Lagoon

 With crystal clear waters and in different tones, in addition to the clear and fine sand, the blue lagoons and the paradise are imperishable to those who will meet Jericoacoara. The Lagoon of Paradise is known for the floating bars and rest on hammocks and hammocks. The Blue Lagoon is more rustic and has wooden benches to rest and enjoy the view.

Pierced Stone

One of the main portal cards of Jeri, the stone Hole is a thirty minute walk from the beach. With a slit in the middle, the look allows the best photos of the tour.

Wind and Kitesurfers

With constant winds and a variation between shallow and deep waters, Jeri became a haven for the practice of Wind and Kitesurfers. Several Local Schools teach beginners who think about venting in sports