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Rivers of transparent waters, waterfalls and caves. Exuberant fauna and flora, with hundreds of species of birds, mammals and reptiles occupying a vegetation that mixes the Cerrado with the Atlantic Forest. These are some of the attractions of Bonito, in the southwestern region of Mato Grosso do Sul, 300 kilometers from Campo Grande.

In 2010, Bonito received in 2013 the prize for the best responsible tourism destination in the world by the World Responsible Tourism Awards, at the World Travel Market Fair in London. The municipality has about 40 attractions, which allow visitors several options of activities. Those interested in contemplating the beauties of the region can, for example, visit the caves and bathe in waterfalls and crystal clear rivers.

Adventure lovers can walk on the ground or do arborism, go down stretches of rivers in floats or boats, practice buoy-cross (boia cross), stand-up paddle boards or inflatable kayaks, and even take a walk on horseback or by bicycle. For the more radical, there are also options such as rappelling and diving in rivers and lagoons.

In the city, visitors can learn more about local fish by visiting the aquarium, try regional dishes made from fish and crocodile meat in bars and restaurants, understand the production process of a brandy that gives name to one of the more traditional bars of the city and do the tasting of more than 12 types of cachaça and even, take home samples of regional culture in the shops selling handicrafts scattered around the center of the municipality.

Here are some options of activities that we select and that will sigh us during that trip full of emotions.


Abyss Anhumas

Without a doubt, this is the most extreme attraction of Bonito.

23 km from the center of the city, this cave with vertical entrance has access only using a negative rappel (when the feet are not placed in any support), with 72 meters deep, which is equivalent to a building of 26 floors until the floating platform on the lake inside the abyss.

Extreme and complex, the experience requires previous training at the headquarters of the agency, in downtown Bonito.


Located in the area of ​​the Corumbá Group, is a formation of 550 to 600 million years and lies at the bottom of the sea, it houses 78 caverns mapped that can be visited by the general public. Undoubtedly, the Blue Lake is the most popular of them all, its access is by a path of 300 meters to a natural mouth of 40 meters in diameter.

But the most anticipated event (of those who make groups of tourists and descend by a drop of 60 meters), is the impressive blue lake that gives its name to the attraction, a natural formation of 90 meters deep and that It harbors millenary fossils of mammals such as giant sloth and saber-tooth tiger.

Since it was launched more than seven years ago, the Lobo Guará project has already planted 6,000 trees with the help of cyclists.

In this route of 17.5 km (14 km on asphalt and another 3 km, bordering the Formoso River) the cyclist makes stops to bathe in rivers; crosses area of ​​cilia bush, where the tour assumes off road status; and in the end, plant a tree, in a reforestation area.

Fluctuation in the Río de la Plata

With waters that entered the world transparency lists, due to the high concentration of limestone that serves as a natural filter, the Bonito rivers are known for fluctuations, aquatic activity in which the visitor follows the current of the river, equipped with a vest, mask and snorkel. The most famous is the Nascimento Sucuri, a Ranch with more than 8 thousand hectares, where it is possible to float 1,800 meters of the Sucuri River, considered the "most crystalline of Brazil".

Mysterious Lagoon

One of the most coveted spots for diving, in Bonito, is the Mysterious Lagoon, a cavity that was classified by the BSS (Brazilian Speleological Society) as "the seventh deepest cave" in Brazil. It is accessed by a hill 75 meters deep, where there is a staircase of 179 steps, that lagoon of abysmal immensity houses immense vertical walls and well-lit areas, due to its position.



Por: Julia Lippi Marcondes Machado

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