The province of Mendoza, Tierra de Sol and Vinos, belongs to the CUYO region, located in the west of the Argentine Republic and at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, bordering on Chile and a few hours from its capital, Santiago de Chile.

The Cristo Redentor International crossing connects both countries in the vicinity of the highest mountain in America and is entirely in Argentina: Cerro Aconcagua with its 6962 meters high.

As for its connectivity, it receives international flights from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Panama. It also has excellent aerial alternatives to the north, central and southern Argentina.

Mendoza is recognized worldwide for its wine-growing circuits, its high-end wineries and its MALBEC grape. But if it is an adventure, the province offers you experiences, in the renowned Las Lenas Resort, such as Ski and Snowboard during the winter and circuits of bike tours, horseback riding, rafting, canopy and mountaineering for all levels during fall, spring and summer.

For our travellers who seek rest and peace, the experiences of Termas and spa abound, as well as excellent gastronomic proposals in the framework of the unique and spectacular Cordillera de los Andes.

The city of MENDOZA with its wide sidewalks, tree-lined streets with its typical ditches and large green spaces make up a unique urban environment worthy of exploration.

Historical as the starting point of the army of the Andes, formed by the Gral José de San Martín to liberate Chile, offers us cultural experiences that includes museums, art galleries, high-end gastronomy, nights of pubs, theatres and casino.

Mendoza is characterized by its dry and warm climate during the summers while in winter, the climate is cold and with abundant snowfalls

Just 20 minutes drive from the capital, Lujan de Cuyo presents one of the most important regions of the wine circuit with alternatives of boutique accommodation in exclusive wineries.

Don't miss the chance to become a winemaker for a day!

Continuing towards the south the Uco Valley constitutes a fruit region highlighted by the quality of its ciders and artisanal candies. Distinguished wineries are located in their territory producing high quality wines and forming one of the four regions of the prestigious Route Mendocino: the roads of wine.

Entering in the Department of Tunuyán, the landscape shows hills cultivated by forage and vegetables along the snowy mountain range.

Already in Tupungato we will be able to taste tasty and typical meals of the region, and from there visit the lagoon of the diamond for trekking and guided rides. Those more daring will be able to choose to make night in the mountainous places to ascend to the Tupungato volcano or to be encouraged to experience the formidable crossing of the Andes mountain range.

Another tour that will amaze us by its great diversity of options is the circuit of the ATUEL. Starting from San Rafael we will be able to visit famous brands of wineries, to know fruit establishments, vineyards and farms where to carry out activities of rural tourism.

One of the must-haves of the area is the canyon of the Atuel, an extensive geographical accident even more ancient than the Cordillera de los Andes, and where the Atuel River runs between the Shining rocks with its crystalline and turquoise colors. Near there stands the locality of Valle Grande, ideal for nature lovers in pure state, this scenario allows you to enjoy adventure experiences such as rafting, kayak, trekking, trekking and paragliding.

Continuing our journey, we arrive at the tourist village El Nihuil. Surrounded by splendid landscapes, on the banks of the dike we find an ideal setting to enjoy nautical sports or to explore its colorful landscapes in mountain biking or horseback riding.

The beauty of the Andes mountain range finds in Mendoza its maximum expression in the high mountain circuit. Through excellent routes, it crosses incredible landscapes accompanied by the Mendoza River, until ending at the border with Chile.

Dike Los Potrerillos, where the largest number of nautical activities are carried out, Uspallata and the Termas de Cacheuta located in the Cordillera de los Andes, are obligatory steps until reaching, in the vicinity of the ski resort Los Penitentes, one of the most Imposing Argentina: The Aconcagua, the "highest mountain of America" that stands superb and challenging giving us one of the most impressive images of Argentina.

La Laguna Los Horcones indicates the entrance door to the reserve that surrounds the famous mountain, perfecting this scenic and adventurous circuit with magnificent panoramas and indescribable sensations.

Following the international route, we went through a natural monument: Bridge of the Inca, and on the border with Chile reached the Monument of Christ the Redeemer, located 4,200 meters high and symbolizing the fraternity between the Argentine and Chilean people .