Peruvian Gastronomy: Pleasure at Palate

The richness of its lands and its cultural diversity make Peru a country of exquisite and varied gastronomy. Each city has a typical dish with an unparalleled flavor. Thousands of products from the countryside and dozens of living cultures, which for centuries have shared a single territory, ended up creating an infinite supply, where the palate is the only judge.

Peruvian cuisine has a unique variety in the world. In the different corners of the country, we can find proposals that will be responsible for sweetening our palate. The cuisine of Lima, North Coast, Amazon, Arequipa, Andina Region and Novoandina Region hopes to arrive at our table to make us live an incomparable gastronomic experience.

Lima cuisine

Undoubtedly, Lima has earned an excellent and well-deserved place as one of the best gastronomic capitals in the world: besides being the site for the most important gastronomy fair in Latin America, its variety delights the palates of locals as well as visitors.

With iconic dishes as ceviche and tiradito, Lima is a destination that attracts good cuisine lovers. Its cuisine is the result of various influences, such as African, indigenous and Chinese. Desserts are another source of inventiveness. The purple mazamorra, the rice with milk, the sigh to the Lima, the nougat of Doña Pepa and the picarones, represent the sweet side that accompanies the food. The purple corn soft drink, known as chicha morada, beer and the Inca Kola, yellow soda water, are traditional Lima drinks.

Everything merges into delicious dishes that capture even the most demanding palates.

North Coast cuisine


The warm climate that shelters the North Coast of Peru offers the demanding taste of our visitors a variety of seafood and fish that delight their palate.

A delicious way to taste the varied flavors of the ceviches and sudados is by drinking an ice cold beer or a chicha de jora. Meat lovers can enjoy the delicious goatling, whose aging is typical of the area.

These, between a varied gastronomic basket of salty as well as sweet dishes, make the north coast an ideal destination to visit.

Novoandina Kitchen


Novoandina cuisine is a new culinary style originated in Peru to return to the food customs of the pre-Hispanic past to recreate and, therefore, rediscover many of the native ingredients with elements from other cultural horizons, such as the European one.

Some Novoandina cuisine dishes are: grilled alpaca, pickled fish with algarrobina, reventon Ayacuchano (with pachamanca and parboiled ingredients, but in clay pot, more sauces), quinoa risotto, dried potato and yuca carapulcra, guinea pig in oyster sauce and squid with veal.

Cuisine of the Amazon


If there is a phrase to describe the varied cuisine of eastern Peru, that phrase is "culinary delight". The cuisine of the Amazon of Peru not only welcomes us with its exotic dishes, but also attracts the traveler with its great variety of culinary delights, such as beef, poultry, fish, lamb and pork.

In addition, it offers other fruits of the Pachamama like majaz, of lean meat with delicious flavor, and banana, used like main ingredient in many recipes. And the ir not better way to accompany this tempting cuisine than with the juice of innumerable fruits and other drinks, such as masato, which delight even more the palate of the visitors.

Arequipa Cuisine


You will love the restaurants and cuisine of Arequipa, also known as picanterías, where the delicious cuisine of the region spreads its aromas because of the warmth of firewood.

The rocoto, delicious icon of the area, the little cheese solterito, the white broth, the pork chicharron, the stew and the known Sunday marinade, delight the visitors.

And desserts, like delicacies from the gods. In your privileged encounter with the White City of Arequipa, do not forget to try the traditional corn chicha accompanied by a delicious anise, the Nájar, as a digestive.

Andean Cuisine

The Peruvian sierra is synonymous with variety. In the Andean cuisine of the country, there are plenty of chupes, soups, meats and exquisite desserts made with corn, milk and fruits.

Combining the high nutritional value of the products of Andean cuisine in a clay pot by cooking wood to create the most exquisite dishes of this healthy kitchen is a delight for any cook. Corn chicha was the traditional drink of the ancient inhabitants of the Andes and, even today, custom still exists. If you want to taste the exotic liquors offered by the mountains, you can choose between wines and homemade ciders, which are the most consumed jointly with the chicha. Do not forget to try the bread, the wawas, the santiagos and the water buns that will undoubtedly delight your already ecstatic palate.