Puerto Madryn: nature and its spectacles

Located between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean is the gateway to the Patagonia ARGENTINA, where we will find a variety of unique marine fauna and Flora in the world: The Southern Right Whale, elephants and sea lions, dolphins, penguins, dolphins, Guanacos, Maras and a lot of birds that we can appreciate in their natural habitat.

A real marine world! We can experience not only observing but also integrating in it through adventure activities such as kayaking, trekking, biking, snorkeling and scuba diving with sea lions, certainly unforgettable experiences.

PUERTO MADRYN, is the starting point to visit the region and where you will find the largest hotel and gastronomic offer.

Minutes from the city we will visit the Ecocenter, the interpretation center that invites us to know more about the marine fauna before visiting them in their own home.

Very close, you will find the beach El Doradillo, ideal to enjoy the seductive dance of the Southern Right whale in the family, so close as to caress it!

To the south, crossing the immensity of Patagonia for just 50 minutes, we will reach Rawson, capital of the province of Chubut. At the PLAYA UNIÓN we embark on an incredible and almost unique natural spectacle in the world, the sighting of the Tonia OVERÁ, also known as the Patagonian Dolphin.

Entering to the west we arrive to Gaiman, a small town on the banks of the Chubut River, where Welsh customs will delight us with a rich, repairing and traditional Welsh tea.

On the way back, in the city of Trelew, we will be able to visit the Paleontological Museum where the bones of the world's largest dinosaur is located.

The wonderful world of Marine FAUNA, is owned from the peninsula Valdés, declared "World Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO and embraced by the new Gulf and SAN Jose Gulf is constituted in the most important attraction of the Patagonian coast for its Unique biological and geographical characteristics, exceptional landscapes where we will come into contact with the marine fauna of this indescribable region.

On the Gulf of San José, we will find the island of birds, the place chosen by many birds to establish their homes, and very close to Puerto Pirámides, the only town and service center on the peninsula.

Its imposing landscape invites us to tour the immense beaches participating in observation and interpretation walks of the different species, traveling by bicycle, or visiting our real hosts from the water... In kayaks and nautical walks to witness and feel, closer than ever, the famous Southern Right whale, which by very curious and daring will come to observe us... Or maybe we look at them ourselves from the depth offered by the YELLOW submarine, a semi-submersible sub to feel like diving next to them.

Following our tour and in less than 2 hours we will reach the southern end of the peninsula: Punta Delgada, with its solitary beach among immense cliffs where we receive the sea elephants. A place in which we will be able to spend the night in order to integrate to this unique, different and unchanging nature of Patagonia Argentina.

An hour to the north and by paved road, we will find in Caleta Valdés, Fauna Reserve and protected Natural area that houses an important colony of sea elephants. Finally we will arrive to Punta Norte, where between October and April, we can surprise us with the spectacular sighting of orcas and know the colonies of the sea lions.

The Penguin lives in numerous colonies that extend along the Patagonian coast, but its place of preference in the world is the unmissable Estancia San Lorenzo.  In this wonderful natural and magical environment we can delight with a typical regional asado of Patagonian lamb, walk along the park rangers and approach the Magellanic penguins that live there between September and April.