Samana- dominican beauty


Diverse and beautiful green and wild environment. It offers a range of possibilities; an exotic culture, a space for adventure, a perfect setting of solitary beaches, rivers, islets and mountains.

Samaná is one of the Dominican Republic’s 32 provinces and is located in the northeast of the country, completely occupying the Samaná Peninsula. Its location is privileged since to the west is the Bay of Los Escoceses, to the south the bay of Samaná and to the north the Atlantic Ocean.

The paradisiacal beaches are one of the biggest attractions of the region. Samaná is known for hosting a multitude of natural beaches, white sand and very fine, bathed by crystal clear waters of the warm Atlantic Ocean, with palm trees and coconut trees on the shore that protect us from the sun. Beaches as spectacular as Las Galeras Beach, Bacardi Beach, Las Terrenas Beach, or the fantastic Playa Rincon, which ranks in the ranking of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

But in Samaná it is not only beach. The nature is great and the vegetation reaches the seashore. In fact, it keeps an extensive forest mass green and alive, half forest, half forest. Magical, it would possibly be the word that best defines the native flora and fauna of great beauty and originality

The National Park of the Haitises, an unforgettable visit where we will contemplate landscapes like few in the world. This paradisiacal place takes us back to the time of the dinosaurs, formed by mounds of karstic rock, where endemic species of animals and plants live.

It has 826 square kilometers and has served as a backdrop for audiovisual reports and well-known films such as Piratas del Caribe

We can attribute this to the fact that there is an area where the pirates hid their treasures, as well as two interesting caves. One of these, which is accessed by a beautiful mangrove, contains indigenous paintings; and the other cave, petroglyphs that show the culture of the aborigines who lived there.

In addition we see impressive landscape elements such as the Bay of San Lorenzo, populations of mangroves and various cays.

Salto del Limón is located at 300 meters above sea level and its route is on foot or on horseback, in a 1 to 2 hour journey, through a dense and humid tropical forest; adorned by coffee plantations, mango trees and majestic views. Simultaneously we follow the "Sendero del Café", where you can buy typical Dominican food and drink

The landscape around the town Limón is beautiful, with small houses painted in bright colors. The Limón Waterfall starts at the point where the waters of Arroyo Chico descend to empty into the Limón River.

As we enter the jungle, the little houses disappear giving way to a wilder landscape, until we reach the base of the impressive 55 meter high waterfall, where we observe the fierceness of nature in all its splendor, the crystal hair of the sierra of Samaná, the "Salto del Limón".

We must not forget Samanenses: cheerful, simple and open, ready to help all tourists. They are curious and want to know about our country. They always have a smile on their face, they laugh and dance a lot. Immediately they make us feel comfortable.

Their lives are full of Caribbean music and rhythms, dancing merengue, salsa and bachata all the time. They infect us with their joy and taste.

Without a doubt, Samana´s magic will make us want to visit it again.


By: Andrea Cuello Navarro

Vivee Experiences Team Member