Santiago: Dynamic and cosmopolitan

Dynamic and cosmopolitan. Santiago captivates by its diverse panoramas and that versatility that characterizes it. Stage of events that highlight the Chilean culture and great international festivals, through their sounds, flavors and colors. The Chilean capital full of life to all who visit it.

We can feel diversity in their neighborhoods; touring them is the best way to get to know the city. Let's lose ourselves in its streets to find original art galleries, innovative design shops and craft fairs, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes, which you complement with an attractive and novel offer. And if we are the ones who love the night, let's not miss the nightlife of Barrio Bellavista!

It is necessary to visit the center of the city to soak up the life of Santiago. We can learn more about Chile in the many museums or take a tour of the famous Central Market to taste the exquisite products of Chilean cuisine.

Or if ours is the outdoor life, admire the capital from the hills that surround it to marvel at the sights of Santiago at the foot of the imposing Andes Mountain Range and take advantage of preparing a picnic in one of the parks of the city .
To go shopping, the elegant Alonso de Córdoba neighborhood, and the multiple and modern shopping centers of the city.

Barrio Bellavista

Relax and share with friends having a tasty drink in the Bellavista neighborhood. Known for its bohemian fame, it is the ideal place to take a break "pulling the size". An endless list of restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs await you every night. Because Bellavista does not sleep!

During the day, you can visit the La Chascona house museum, which belonged to the poet Pablo Neruda, and visit several theaters of great national importance, such as the San Ginés, the Mori Center and the Bellavista theater, among many others.

Historical Center

Around the Plaza de Armas and its surroundings, much of the history of Chile has been written. Get lost among its streets to find old buildings, such as the Municipality of Santiago, the Cathedral Church, the National Historical Museum, the Courts of Justice, among others. Or sit down to witness the hectic life of the city on the classic Paseo Ahumada.

The center of the capital offers a wide gastronomic offer. Elegant restaurants welcome diners through the streets, but if it is a matter of recharging your batteries, do not miss the famous "picadas", abundant in food.

Barrio Italia

Enjoy a delicious coffee, contemplate interesting works in an art gallery or buy yourself a good book. This is the Barrio Italia, a labyrinth of shops and showcases that invite you to explore its streets and shops in search of avant-garde design objects or curious collector's items.

Get lost among antiquarians, restaurants with Chilean food and gastronomy from around the world. Enjoy live music, decoration stores, lighting, clothes, bars and bicycles, many bicycles.

Sanhattan: condes and Vitacura

Appreciate the impressive buildings that accompany you on your route through the financial district, located in the eastern area of ​​Santiago. Meet the largest skyscrapers in South America, which are proof of the great growth that the capital has had in recent decades, and enjoy the view of Santiago at 300 meters high on the Sky Costanera. The highest viewpoint in Latin America offers an overview of the capital in 360 °!

Have fun with varied activities such as art galleries and shopping, and enjoy the exquisite dishes in the most exclusive restaurants of the capital. Find boutiques in Nueva Costanera and Alonso de Córdoba, or visit some of the largest shopping centers in the capital.

Bicentennial Park

The Bicentennial Park is a green lung on one side of the financial district of the capital, also known as Sanhattan. Discover this modern and well-kept park and enjoy walking through its extensive grassy areas.

See the swans and other bird species in its two artificial lagoons, and have fun in your program spaces for leisure activities and walks with family or friends. Walk the park on top of your bike, play sport jogging on the catwalks of the park and set up your picnic to rest a full afternoon.

San Cristobal Hill

Discover and tour San Cristóbal hill, green lung of the great capital and part of the Metropolitan Park. Put on your best sportswear and climb to the top of San Cristóbal walking, jogging or on top of your bike. At the top you can refresh yourself with a rich nickname with huesillo.

Contemplate the city with a spectacular panoramic view from the top and make the most of your camera. Visit the Metropolitan Zoo, located at the foot of the hill, where you can find various species of animals from around the world and also endemic to Chile.