Tayrona Park

To enjoy the infinite blue sea of ​​the Caribbean, dream beaches, cliffs, jungle and landscapes in its purest state, the Tayrona National Park is the right place.
Located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, just 34 km from the city of Santa Marta "La Perla de Oro".

The paradisiacal Tayrona National Park, part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is considered a Nature Sanctuary and one of the most significant ecological reserves in South America, because it has great natural beauty and a rich flora and fauna. It contains virgin beaches, reefs, a splendid sea, archaeological remains, waterfalls, gorges and much more.

Also cataloged as one of the most beautiful destinations and one of the 10 best beaches in the world.

In this famous tourist destination of Colombia we appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country, besides that its habitat has an important quantity of species that disintegrate in zones with different thermal floors that go from the level of the sea to heights of 900 meters. Of the 15,000 hectares that make up the park, 3,000 are marine areas.

There are many natural spectacles and walks that we can do in different areas of the park so that our stay is perfect.

If we are in Santa Marta, we make an initial 45-minute tour by car until we reach the main entrance of the Tayrona Park "El Zaino" and then to the point of Cañaveral.

We walk around 1 ½ hour passing through the beautiful beaches of Arrecifes and La Piscina to get to

Cabo San Juan del Guía, a spectacular beach with an imposing landscape of large rocks where we will take a refreshing swim. It is a magical place, with beautiful landscapes that highlight the beauty of Colombia and tranquility of their lands.

Pueblito Chairama, located 1 ½ hours from Cabo San Juan, is home to archeological ruins of the original indigenous Tayrona tribes of more than 500 years ago and which also has a great natural and cultural wealth. We find terraces, paths and stairs built of stones, you can also see the typical home of this culture. A walk that will take us to know one of the best secrets that keeps the fascinating Tayrona Park.
We will also know the Chairama Archaeological Museum located in the sector known as Cañaveral, near the mouth of the Piedras River, which has an intact archaeological exhibition.

7 Waves Beach: Highlighted by the rows of waves that go in sequence to the shore of the beach, in total there are 7 - that's why its name-. On one side of the beach, we take a path that leads to a cliff where the view is special and we see the whole beach from start to finish.

Playa Cristal, or "Dead Beach": Hidden among mountains, its white sands, crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reefs make this beach the best destination to rest and enjoy; While we dive or snorkel to contemplate the beautiful seabed, corals and tropical fish of a variety of colors, this is one of the biggest attractions.

In Sector Arrecifes, we find the area with accommodation services, bathrooms and restaurant. It is a good starting point within the park to see the rest of the beaches (Cabo San Juan del Guia, La Piscina, among others.)

La Piscina: is an extensive beach located between Arrecifes and Cabo. The waves break in some rocks located 100 meters from the coast, which makes them calm at our feet, forming a natural pool, ideal to spend all day in the water and snorkel. At the end of the beach, a large rock ideal for diving.

Trekking in the jungle to go to Ciudad Perdida is an unforgettable adventure. Built around the year 700, it is the main urban center of the ancient Tayrona civilization and is one of the most important archaeological sites for the investigation of this culture. We found circular squares, staircases, roads and canals built in stone that served as a basis for houses made of straw and bahareque.

Finally, along the way the descendants of the Tairona civilization, the Koguis, who have remained isolated living on top of the snowy mountains - Ciudad Perdida - can be seen in the streets of nearby towns and even in the Tayrona National Park selling your beautiful backpacks (bags of a strip) and crafts, so we will have the privilege of interacting with such beautiful people.

By: Andrea Cuello Navarro

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