The art of making friends

The mate is a popular beverage in most of the countries of South America and originating in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is made using leaves and small branches of the Yerba Mate plant, which are soaked in hot water to prepare the already known beverage.


Argentina is the world's leading producer of yerba mate, and is that it is cultivated only (for its subtropical climate without dry season and red soils) in Misiones and Nordeste of Corrientes.


The consumption of the herb in recent research is 6.4 kg per capita each year and the herb is present in 90% of Argentine households and since it is a custom to "cast mates" in the day to day South American inhabitants is also an activity directly related for "making friends."

Although it is known the countless benefits, both for the body and the mind that provides the drink mate as it is rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of many diseases, contains a lot of vitamins and also minerals, the irreplaceable benefit, Is that it allows you to meet new people, ie helps you understand someone completely opposite or opposed to you for the simple fact of sharing for a moment a "Porongo" or "Guampa" that are some of the names that are given to the container where the mate is usually primed.

In other words, it is to have the freedom of for a second to share whatever you want with the people around you and that they feel the same freedom with you, and it is right there where the magic happens.

Obviously this activity has certain rules both for the preparation of the drink and for the moment of drinking it, which are mentioned below.


1. First you should check the container where you are going to Ceabar is clean of past weed, if it had already been prepared;

2. The water should be heated to approximately 90 º C, which is just the point before the boiling of the vital liquid;

3. The grass is emptied in the container to ¾ it, it is important to emphasize that it should never be filled until the stop;

4. Now, it is important to pay attention to this point which is absolutely key. You must put your hand by plugging the "mouth" of the container and tilting it at an angle of 45 º so that the powder of the grass falls to the hand due to gravity, as well as causing the grass inside the container is a slope suitable for “cebarla” correctly;

5. Then before the water reaches the point of MTE (90 º C) should be removed and with the warm water is served a little inside the mentioned slope to moisten the boil below to prime it properly and not burn the upper grass;

6. Later the bulb of the mate is placed where the grass was moistened and the mate is drunk to prime it while the water is repositioned to heat to reach the indicated temperature point;

7. Once the water is about to be transferred to a thermos to continue priming the mate later with friends, always serving the water in the hole or slope created in point 4, this way it is consumed first the grass below and then the top is falling , and when all the grass has been moistened the mate has finished and must be replaced by a new herb.

Now, drinking some mates is a social activity that clearly has rules for everyone to live together and drink alike until they are satisfied.

Drinking rules

1. The host is the person who fattens (serves) the matte.  The primer is also the person who takes the first mate, this is considered a favor, since the first sip is the strongest and bitterest;

2. It is necessary and important to take all the water that contains the Guampa or mate, until you hear the sound that makes the grass when it is running out of water. Without this sound, mate is considered incomplete;

3. You should not change the order in which the circle is going. Mate always follows the same order. When you finish your turn, you must pass the container to the primer, who serves more water and passes it onto the next person.

4. Do not hold the container in your hand for long. The other people are waiting. The point of sharing mate is talking with friends or family while sharing a drink. The Guampa is not a microphone;

5. When you have taken enough or need a break, simply say "thank you." This word, in the context of the mate  means "stop". It is not customary to thank the primer every time we pass the container. This is a common mistake committed by foreigners or people who do not know the ritual;

6. In the event that a person joins the group later, he/she must respond "yes" to the offer of mate; If you say thank you, it means "No thanks, I don't want"

7. Last but not least, it should be emphasized that the main objective is the coexistence between friends, family, couples or co-workers, the invitation to join the group indicates that the one who invites you wants to spend time with you, so drinking mate is a habit that makes you converse, learn from others and feel part of a group if you're having a bad day or if you just feel a little lonely.