The Wealth of Salvador, Capital of Bahia

Rich in history and natural beauty, Salvador is remembered everywhere in the world for its many tourist attractions. The old buildings, the paradisiacal beaches and the architecture of its churches arouse the curiosity and interest not only of Bahians and tourists, but also of international artists who have not missed the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Salvador is not only the first capital of Brazil, it is also a symbolic city when we speak of historical legacy. The city has more than 300 churches and the oldest dating from the baroque are in Pelourinho. The Pelourinho is the most well-known part of the Historic Center of Salvador, which is closely linked to the founding of Salvador and to the development of Brazil in colonial times, besides being one of the main symbols of the city.

Pelourinho the name given to the column fixed in a public square where slaves and criminals were exposed and punished. The column itself no longer exists in Salvador - the pillory was only in the name. The square is surrounded by several old houses in the purest colonial style, among them the house of the Jorge Amado Foundation and churches such as the Church of the Rosaries of the Black Men and Basilica Cathedral, two great examples of the architecture of the colonial period.

Pelourinho is also a source of inspiration and stage for Brazilian and foreign artists such as Caetano Veloso, Paul Simon and even Michael Jackson, who has already recorded scenes from one of his clips through the iconic colorful streets. The historical center of Salvador also includes some of the best restaurants and bars in the city.

The cultural effervescence takes care of the multicolored Pelourinho, mainly through the project Pelourinho Dia & Noite, that is realized in several squares and streets of the neighborhood. The program takes to the public, daily and with free admission, dances and shows of music and theater for all tastes.


It is also in the Pelourinho that Salvador gathers its greatest wealth, revealed in the architectural details, in the churches and in the colorful houses, that dedicate themselves and live of tourism. Located in the historical center of Salvador and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Pelourinho is currently considered a large open-air mall offering artistic, musical and bar attractions, restaurants,
clothing stores, handicrafts, jewelry, museums, theaters and churches, among

It was this wealth of culture and effort to revitalize the city that resulted in this year appearance in 2019, the capital of Bahia appeared on the famous list of best destinations to be published every year by the American newspaper The New York Times. Salvador ranked 14th place in the 52 Places to Go in 2019 ranking.


By: Julia Lippi Marcondes Machado

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