Tourism and golf, a perfect combination

In Sports tourism the main reason for the trip is the practice of sportive activities in natural environments or the visit to a country or a city to witness "in situ" a competition or a sporting event.

It is characterized by the displacement made by national and foreign tourists to practice a sport, from their place of origin or residence, to destinations or tourist locations to make use of the facilities offered by each site.

With first-class courts, the passion for golf grows in all regions. Therefore, golf tourism is a tourist variant that adds more fans every day. It is practiced in clubs, recidences, cabin complex and luxury hotels. To confirm it we can appreciate how the great brands of Resorts located in different countries have been dedicated to attracting this sector of tourists and have a golf course, services linked to this one form a golf resort, to perfectly combine sport with nature. Latin America it is not the exception.

Despite not being a sport that involves great physical activity compared to others, golf provides significant benefits for people who practice it. Studies have indicated that people over 40 who tend to lead a sedentary life, but regularly practice golf, are at a lower risk of cardiovascular accidents.

The benefits of golf are not only the result of outdoor walks, but also the ups and downs that characterize the golf course. Also, due to the environments in which it develops, and the comfort of the clothes it requires, golf is one of the most recommended activities so that we can maintain a good state of health. Similarly, the practice of this sport will involve the performance of gymnastic exercises, which will help us strengthen the trunk and improve posture.


Likewise, on several occasions we hear that there are certain sports that are very useful for closing a deal. Golf can be considered the king of business because of its duration and the long breaks that exist during the game. The opportunity to spend 4 hours with someone can help us analyze their reactions in different types of situations.

This is because the game has challenging, celebration, analysis and even consulting moments.

Since the golf courses are mostly far from the city, office, routine, many executives schedule the space for the game as a space where nobody can disturb them. Then surely for 4 hours, more or less, we will have the opportunity to talk about many business things that can be dealt with in some "Green" or in the famous hole 19, which is a bar that is at the end of the field, where the players meet to continue talking about what happened in the game accompanied by some beer, snacks and the best services of the place.

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