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Arrival at the Campo Grande airport, reception and transfer to Bonito (about 4h). Overnight at the selected hotel.

This is considered as the postcard of Bonito. It is a contemplative and historical stroll that begins with a walk of approximately 300 meters to the entrance of the cave. Descending approximately 150 meters on a staircase you will see a lake with intensely blue waters and dimensions that make it one of the largest cavities on the planet. In addition to the beauty of the lake, there are still beautiful geological formations; not only the roof as the floor of the cave which is filled with speleothems of various shapes and sizes of thousands of years. Nobody knows with certainty where their waters come from, it is believed in the existence of an underground river that feeds the lake.
What to wear: shoes or closed shoe and light clothing. Forbidden sandals or flip flops.

All the charm of a typical South-Mato Grosse farm. After being enchanted with the headquarters-house and its structure, the visitor leaves for a pleasant walk through the ciliary bush of the Mimoso River. In an authentic ecotourism experience, the tour is accompanied by a specialized local guide. The place offers interpretative tracks where it passes through seven waterfalls of varied sizes and shapes with optimal conditions to swim in natural pools. There are suspended walkways, small caves, viewpoints with views of the Serra da Bodoquena grotto and a 6-meter high diving platform that transforms the ride into an unforgettable adventure for any age. A part of the section is carried out by rowing boat.
Lunch included.
What to bring: light clothing, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Made in inflatable boats by one of the main rivers of the region, in a route of 6 km, passing through three waterfalls and two rapids with a stop for swimming of approximately 20 min. During the tour you have the opportunity to contemplate the fauna and flora on the banks of the river until the landing on Padre Island, where tourists can use the infrastructure of the place that has several decks and waterfalls for swimming, as well as toilets, dressing room, bar, cafeteria and restaurant. The boat ride is ideal for all ages. Life jacket is included in the value

The walk is carried out with the assistance of a specialized guide. To get to the source of the river "Ojo de agua", the ecotourism walk starts with a pleasant walk through the ciliary bush of the Río de la Plata, through an interpretive trail. During the tour, visitors will find countless old trees, orchids and bromeliads and will spot various species of mammals such as: coati, capuchin monkey, cafuche, seriema, suckling pig, tamanduá and different species of birds that inhabit the place. Arriving at the source of the Ojo de agua river - an immense natural pool of crystalline waters - the guide alerts visitors to the beginning of the training that aims to adapt the mask and snorkel for the realization of the activity. The guide will help everyone equip themselves to explore the surroundings. After that preparation the diving starts. They are about 2 km long, until the meeting of the Ojo de Agua and the Río de la Plata. Here you have the option to choose between continuing to float or embarking on a small electric motor boat. Diving in the Río de la Plata lasts approximately 4 hours. Lunch included.
Then, departure for the ride to the Buraco de las Araras, where visitors are divided into groups of no more than 10 people each, and accompanied by tour guides or environmental monitors begin the journey of approximately 900m that will take them to one of the largest sinkholes in Brazil. During the trip you can observe the vegetation and typical fauna of the savannah. The contemplation is made from two viewpoints, installed on the edge of the abyss, in addition to the beautiful landscape, it is possible to observe the flight of the macaws and the other birds that live there, such as bandurrias, caranchos, vultures, American vultures, black birds, blue magpies, parrots, parakeets and eventually the laughing hawk and the sparrow hawk.

A walk of 4 thousand meters for the forest preserved in trails that provide total security, carries up to eleven waterfalls, including the Boca da Onça waterfall with 156 meters of free fall - the highest in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul - the waters of the river, Salobra River, and one of the fish nurseries of the Pantanal.
What to bring: light clothing, towel, sunscreen and insect repellent.

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After breakfast, transfer to the Campo Grande airport.

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