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2019 / 2019

Cities to visit: Pereira, Salento, Cocora Valley, Quimbaya,

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Owner or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.


Arrival, reception and transfer from Matecaña de Pereira airport to the chosen hotel. Shortly before noon, I met with one of our representatives to move to "La Finca del Café". Before starting the tour we will enjoy a delicious typical lunch here. Afterwards, we will begin the Coffee Process in the company of a local expert who will take us through beautiful coffee plantations, explaining how the coffee process is from planting, selective manual harvesting and pulping. After this, we will roast special coffee beans in a wood stove in the kitchen of the typical peasant house where we can have an authentic coffee experience. In the route they have several stations with viewpoints made in guadua where we will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape and natural environment of the place while we enjoyed a cup of coffee. Finally, we go to the innovative process of drying the coffee bean, the beneficiadero, and then we will go to the main house where we will be send off with a delicious coffee lemonade. Transfer to Hotel and accommodation.
Approximate duration of the Coffee Process: 3 hours of activity plus the time of transfers depending on the location of the chosen hotel.
* Arrival at the airport of Pereira should be in the morning at 11:00 a.m. or before to be able to make the tour of the Coffee Process in the afternoon. Otherwise you can not do this tour this day.

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, we meet one of our representatives and transfer to a private transport unit to Salento and from there we take an intermediate difficulty bike ride to reach the Cocora Valley, appreciating the beautiful landscape of the place. Once you arrive at the Valley, we will have a welcome cocktail (canelazo) and assistance by a specialized eco guide who will introduce you to the Cocora Natural Reserve. We will walk to the cloud forest where we can appreciate the biodiversity of fauna and flora of the place and where we will take the ecological path of the palm of wax, the highest in the world and the national flagship of Colombia to do the ritual of the palm of Quindío wax, which consists in knowing the history of how the aborigines worshiped this palm. Then we will do the planting of palm seedlings. Then transfer back to the typical town of Salento where we will have a walking tour visiting its colonial streets, craft workshops and the Cocora viewpoint. At the agreed time, transfer back to the hotel. Rest of the day free and accommodation.
Approximate duration: 7½ hours of activity plus transfer time depending on your location.
Includes: Private transportation described in the plan - Guidance and environmental interpretation - Bike Tour from Salento to the Cocora Valley - Welcome Canelazo - Regular ecological walk - Wax palm ritual and introduction to the destination by local eco-guide - Hydration, snacks and typical lunch with 1 entry, 1 main course and 1 drink.
* Because this destination has a large influx of local and foreign visitors on Sundays and holidays in Colombia, we recommend booking this tour on different days for a better experience, this also applies to Easter, end and beginning of the year.

Breakfast at the hotel. At the indicated time (approximately 07:00 am) transfer from the hotel to the village of Florida, from there we will continue to the Otún Quimbaya Reserve, appreciating the beautiful route of the basin. Upon arrival at the refuge of the nature reserve we will be received with a welcome drink and the eco-guide will give you the introduction and recommendations for the visit. Later we will start a low difficulty route through the trails designated by 4 stations, with a duration of approximately 3 to 4 hours and a distance of 5 KM. In the small ascents and up to the highest part of the forest it is possible to see species that are part of the ecological balance such as: The Paca Caucana, the Toro de Monte, the Hummingbird tail racket, the howling monkey, among others. Return to the refuge and time to have a delicious typical lunch included. To finish the route of low difficulty by mountain bike from the Otún Quimbaya Reserve to the city of Pereira. Transfer by car from Pereira to the hotel and lodging.
Duration: Approximately 5 ½ hours plus the time of transfers depending on the location of the chosen hotel.
Includes: Transfers, entrance to the reserve, environmental interpretation guide, ecological walk described by 2 trails, typical lunch and Bike Tour.
Day 4 EJE CAFETERO/ Breakfast at Hotel. At agreed time, transfer to the Matecaña Airport in Pereira to take the flight to your next destination or origin city.

Breakfast at Hotel. At agreed time, transfer to the Matecaña Airport in Pereira to take the flight to your next destination or origin city.

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