Jewels of Ecuador and Peru


12 Days

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Island of San Cristóbal


2019 / 2020

Cities to visit: Island of San Cristóbal, Spanish island, Floreana Island, Isla Santa Cruz, Bartolomé Island, North Seymour Island, Isla South Plaza, Puno, Lago Titicaca, Puno Department, Juliaca

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San Cristóbal – Cerro Tijeretas – Punta Carola
Arrival to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (SCY) on SAN CRISTÓBAL , transfer by bus to the Origin Cruise anchored in the bay. After the welcome meeting and the safety drill, we will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch on board. In the afternoon, travel by bus to Cerro Tijeretas (Frigatebird Hill), one of the two sites where you can see nesting colonies of both species of frigates (Large and Magnificent), as well as lava lizards, the medium-Earth Finch and the nightingale of San Cristobal. We walked along the path to Punta Carola to enjoy the panoramic views, then returned to the Origin at night for an informative briefing followed by the welcome party and dinner with the captain.
Note *: Cruise departures only on Sundays.

Breakfast. We will go in the morning to Punta Pitt, a formation of Toba that works as a nesting site for many seabirds, including the three types of piqueros: blue legs, red legs and Nazca, both species of frigates, bifurcated tail Gulls and storm petrels. Punta Pitt is considered one of the best bird sites in the archipelago and also houses a colony of sea lions. At Pitt Rock, we snorkel or swim with sea lions and goldfish like the Rey angel and the surgeon fish. Lunch at the Origin. Spend the afternoon at Cerro Brujo, an impressive white coral beach with ample views and good bird watching. We will walk quietly along the beach, swim with sea lions or use kayaks/rowing boards. We will Enjoy a zodiac ride through a cave called La Catedral before returning to the Source for an informative meeting followed by a dinner.

Breakfast. Landing in Punta Suárez on the Isla Española, home to the largest number of endemic species found in Galapagos: sea lions, colonies of blue-footed, the wavy albatross, Darwin finches, the Galapagos doves, the tropical birds of red beak and the Galapagos falcons, as well as a unique species of marine iguanas with traces of red and green dyes. We Follow the trail to the spectacular ocean cellar, We observe the colorful light-legged crabs. Lunch at Origin. Disembark at Gardner Bay, where large colonies or sea lions dot the endless white sand beach. We will enjoy the time for taking a walk or relax on the beach, observing birds like the Galapagos falcon, the Darwin finch or the Hood mockingbird. Swim with the playful sea lions from the beach, explore the bay and the islets by kayak or taking a ride in Zodiac to explore the caves covered with invertebrates. Admire the colorful variety of underwater life at the excellent dive site near Turtle Rock. Back to the Mv Origin, dinner.

Breakfast. Step ashore in Punta Cormorant on Isla Floreana (Charles), where the olive-green sand beach is full of sounds of sea lions, herons of lava, night herons of yellow crown, blue-footed and penguins. We follow a path to a brackish lagoon, home to Bahama ducks, common stilts, Galapagos flycatchers, yellow warblers and the older flamingos. We advance through a rich variety of plants. The trail leads to a beach where the sea turtles lay their eggs in the dusty sand dunes and the stripes itch in the shallow waters. After the hike, we can dive into Devil's Crown, a shallow sunken crater colonized by a bright variety of colorful fish and corals, white-tipped sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays and starfish. Lunch. We will visit one of the most famous Galapagos sites, the Post Office Bay. We can swim with sea lions. Return to Origin, dinner.

Breakfast. Disembark in Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz. Travel by bus to the highlands, through the seven vegetation areas in Galapagos. We will visit a turtle reserve, a private farm that protects the giant turtles in their natural habitat. We'll stop at the largest lava tubes in the archipelago and Los Gemelos, a couple of big craters. Lunch. We will visit Centro de CrianzA Fausto Llerena (Charles Darwin Research Station) and we will see the turtle corals and the breeding center; the new exhibit in honor of Lonesome George. We'll walk around town to buy souvenirs. Back to the Origin for dinner.

Breakfast. We are going to start our tour in Sombrero Chino, a small island that owes its name to its shape. After landing on a beach with sea lions colonies, we continue towards a primitive landscape of volcanic debris that includes lava formations and cracked tubes. Marine iguanas and oystercatchers pairs are commonly seen. We will snorkel in a site frequented by a large number of Galapagos penguins. Lunch. We will arrive at Isla Bartolomé, a young island is inhospitable to most plants and animals. We will climb the long wooden staircase to the top of an inactive volcano, pausing on the way to admire the lava bombs, the splash cones and the ash cones. The panoramic view from the top covers the entire island, including the distinctive eroded tuff cone known as Pinnacle Rock. The crystalline water below invites us to dive with tropical fish shoals, white-tipped reef sharks and Galapagos penguins. We took a zodiac ride along the rocky coast. Back to the Mv Origin, dinner.

Breakfast. We will begin our visit to South Plaza, a small geological survey with high cliffs where gulls with swallow failures, shearwaters and tropical birds of red beak build their best finery. The trail takes us through Opuntia (nopal) and Sesuvium, and here we can see iguanas that feeding themselves with the cactus leaves. The Island is also home to a colony of single sea lions, with dominant bulls in several stages of recovery of battles in a territory of first line of beach. Back to the Origin. We can snorkel between North and South Seymour in deeper waters. Lunch. Disembark at North Seymour, we'll see bifurcated-tailed gulls, blue-footed and endemic land iguanas. We will visit the largest colony of magnificent frigates in the Galapagos, marine iguanas and the body of sea lions navigating the northern marshes. Back to the Origin for the cocktail and the captain's farewell dinner.

Very early, we take breakfast at the Origin for private trip to the Interpretation Center in San Cristóbal to get a fuller understanding of the natural and human history of the islands. Then we will spend some time at the port before heading to the airport to take flight to our next destination. (Flight not included)
Reception at Juliaca's airport, private transfer to the hotel. Check-In. Lunch. Rest and accommodation. If we like, we can enjoy the activities around the hotel (nautical sports like kayak, canadian canoe, paddleboard or sailboat, among others), or to ride by bicycle in the fields of silverware, to paddle through the totorales, to sight endemic birds of the area, or walk through the area along the shores of the impressive lake, which, with its diverse nature and pristine landscapes, will leave us amazed. In the evening we enjoyed the cocktail courtesy of the hotel, followed by the dinner and free space. Accommodation.

Our reccomendation is to wake up at dawn to see a magnificent sunrise. Breakfast. Transfer by car and boat to the legendary Islas de los Uros, near the National Reserve of Titicaca, where we will meet with a family of the Uro-Aymara communities that live in this area. Due to the persecution of other groups, many years ago these communities took refuge in these islands of handmade totora. We’ll learn about your history, life and customs by exploring one of these breathtaking islands. We will enjoy an outdoor picnic before further exploring the area. in Taquile, considered the most interesting island in the area due to its pristine form of life, unique history and recognized craftsmanship, we will be able to explore the imaginary Quechua made embroidered in fabrics recognized by UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral Heritage and Intangible of Humanity, part of the living culture of the place, we will see men weaving outdoors creating some of the best pieces of of handicrafts in Peru. Overlooking the snow-capped as a backdrop, we will enjoy an outdoor lunch with a unique view of the lake in all its splendor. Return to the hotel at 5:30, enjoy a cocktail at 6:30 before dinner at 7:30 pm. Accommodation.

Our reccomendation is to wake up at dawn to see a magnificent sunrise. Breakfast. Our Aymara Route includes a full day exploring the geography, surrounding communities, nature and privileged views of the Chucuito Peninsula and the populated centre of Ácora. We will continue our way walking along trails that cross open fields of cultivation and grazing. Reaching the privileged view of natural viewpoints, we appreciate the extension of the lake and photograph the moment. During the tour we will see communities near the hotel, birds that are found in diverse ecosystems along the way, daily work of the people of the area, archaeological remains and dazzling landscapes. During the route, we will enjoy an outdoor picnic in the company of the calm of Lago Titicaca and its views. Return to the hotel for dinner at 7:30 pm. Accommodation.

Our reccomendation is to wake up at dawn to see a magnificent sunrise. Breakfast. We will be witnesses of a practice that dates from the pre-Columbian era, the barter, through the excursion "Visit to the Market", a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the colorful and vibrant world of the altiplánico market. Gathering residents of Lago Titicaca, neighboring areas, as well as visitors to the area, we will know unique varieties and species in their visit to the market. Back to the hotel. Lunch. We will enjoy relaxing treatments in the hotel spa for the time we have. Cocktail and dinner. Accommodation.

Breakfast. At the agreed upon time, transfer out to Juliaca's airport. On our way, we will enjoy a guided excursion to Sillustani, an impressive peninsula in front of Laguna de Umayo that saves the remains of the best preserved chullpas in the area. In addition to its unique geography, this site was a burial place for the pre-Inca Pucara, Tiahuanaco and Ccolla cultures, long before the Inca expansion. This is an awesome site that combines archaeology, history and amazing scenery.

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